Man who ate sushi almost every day hospitalized after 5 foot long tapeworm wriggles out

A California man’s emergency room visit after discovering a tapeworm wriggling out of his body was likely caused by his daily sushi habit, according to the emergency doctor who treated him.

Fresno emergency department doctor Kenny Banh, in a podcast, told about treating the man, who is anonymous.

The visit to emergency happened last August. The California man arrived seeking treatment and showed medical staff a plastic bag with a giant parasite inside wrapped around a toilet roll.

The man had been feeling unwell for months and thought he had gas. When he was using the bathroom and expelling bloody diarrhea, he noticed something wriggling out of his body. He initially thought it was his intestines.

He pulled it out and when the patient saw the bloody material was moving, he concluded that it must have been a worm.

When the tapeworm was unraveled before the staff at the hospital, it turned out to be 5 foot 6 inches long. The patient was given a deworming pill which Banh explained is the same kind given to pets.

The patient told doctors and nurses he ate salmon sashimi almost every day.

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