Man goes through divorce, copes by illustrating his bull terrier

Brazilian artist Rafael Mantesso was left with his dog and an empty house after he and his ex-wife parted ways.

To cope, he began going back to an old love: drawing. His willing subject was his bull terrier Jimmy Choo.

Jimmy Choo is a pretty laid back kinda dog, it appears, up for anything Rafael wanted from him.

The illustrations are hilarious and shows Rafael’s talent and imagination and his affection for his dog. jimmy-choo-bull-terrier-illustrations-rafael-mantesso-14

Jimmy Choo flies over tall buildings in his cape, sings some karaoke and even poses for a butt shot like a Playboy centrefold.

On his Instagram account, Rafael says this:

Jimmy and I are very happy with all the repercussion out photos are having all over the world! Were touched with all the kindness from everyone!! Thanks for every single post, mail and likes!!!


h/t: Pulptastic



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