Man returns to home after Texas flood and surprised to find some of his animals survived

Lester Morrow returned home to his Texas home to find some of his furry animals, to his tearful surprise, were still alive.

In a video that has been seen now by hundreds of thousands of viewers, Morrow shares his surprise and his happiness at the animals, including Paty the pig, who managed to survive against the odds.

Morrow’s place is in ruins and before he had to flee the rising floodwaters, he moved his short-legged animals as high up as he could, left out a bag of feed, and hoped for the best.

He managed to get out with his dog and his family but had to leave his 500-acre farm after 30 inches of rain.

Six foot floodwaters swallowed his home and property but he was surprised to find some who made it. Patty made it, so did a goat, donkey and several horses.

Once he returned home, he and his fiancee went through their flooded driveway and found all sort of things that didn’t belong to them, including a set of stairs and even an abandoned truck. In the video they shot as they were looking around, they appeared braced for the worst.

Then, Morrow begins crying when he sees something coming towards him.

‘Oh my god, there’s Patty,’ he cries as the video zooms in on a pig running towards him. “Patty!!”

‘Oh my god baby, how did you survive tha? Man up, Lester,’ Morrow tells himself. “I know you’re so scared.”

Among the survivors was a pregnant goat and Irma Jean, a donkey with a broken leg.
Morrow sent a note to thank people for their outpouring of support.
Lastly, I’d like to thank the WORLD for all your support. I’ve seen the article in every language and on all sorts of news sources: tv, internet, newspaper. I never imagined my experience would get the reactions that it has but since it did, and still continues to grow, I hope you will all see in it how similar we all really are. Underneath our differing political views, languages, cultures, religious beliefs, etc.. we are humans. We love and care for others in need and for those who are suffering. I always saw the United States as the one who plays humanitarian to the world but recently, I see that every people over every continent shares in that mission- I’m honored that you would choose me (and my animals) with your support.

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