Man rides dead whale as sharks encircle him in feeding frenzy

He’s already been cited as a candidate for a Darwin award, given to acts of supreme stupidity.

A Perth man’s feat of critter madness began when he jumped out of his boat and into the waters near sharks in a feeding frenzy to hop on board the floating carcass of a whale.

As shocked onlookers watched from the beach, Harrison Williams went for a short swim in shark-infested waters to climb on top of the whale carcass and sat on it.

Aerial footage shows several tiger shark and at least one white shark circling around the carcass.

His mother, said Williams, in an interview with 7 News in Perth called him an “idiot.”

Dad’s not too proud, either.”

Williams said he did the deed in the “heat of the moment” and didn’t realize how close the sharks were. He was on the boat with friends when someone suggested he should “surf” the dead whale.

He had trouble getting on top of the floating carcass, Williams said, but managed to pull himself up.

The sharks, he said, were too busy chomping on the dead whale to notice him. The dead whale has been floating off the west coast of Australia between Rottnest and Fremantle for weeks.

h/t: 7 Perth News

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