Man spots guide dogs in training on London train and it’s a dog lover’s dream

Dreading the Monday morning commute?

Don’t despair when you can ride along with these beauties.

In fact, take the long way — on purpose — just like this guy did Friday in London.

“I just got on the wrong tube so I could spend some time with 10 Labrador pups who are on guide dog training,” Ryan Tute posted on Twitter along with a video that has been viewed 3.5 million times.”

“As London commutes go, it doesn’t get much better,” he added.

Tute even gave a shout out to the work being done by Guide Dogs UK to help the visually impaired get around a little more easily.

And, Guide Dogs shot right back with at least four paws up.

“We’d have got on the wrong tube too,” the organization replied. “Well done life changing pups for being on your best behaviour (we wouldn’t expect anything less).”

These are very good dogs, indeed.

And it made absolutely everyone’s day.

Photo @RyanMTute/Twitter

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