The man who travelled with giant lobster upset at the TSA for posting photo

Seafood lover Christopher Stracuzza was planning a massive cook-out of lobster for his friends in Savannah, Georgia bringing home a dozen lobsters to take back with him on his flight home.

One massive lobster, Stracuzza named Dinnah in honour of his Maine roots. The 9 kilogram (20 pound) lobster was to be the part of the big meal he planned.

But Stracuzza soon learned that his lobster was famous. A photo of it was taken by officials with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and went viral.

On the TSA’s website it states that while a live lobster is allowed through security, a TSA official will inspect the lobster before it is allowed on the plane.

Stracuzza said the picture was a total invasion of is privacy.

Atlantic Seafood Market, the retailer which sold the lobster to Stracuzza, was also upset.

I have something to say about this… This TSA agent should mind his own business. When is it okay
to go through someones checked baggage and take photographs? I am personally angered by this because
I packed this checked cooler with care and concern for the lobsters and my customers personal property. In addition to this lobster, my customer also purchased several other lobsters all of which were
purposefully packed on top of this guy. This agent,(after seeing the contents on an x ray machine, no doubt) had to dump out 12 other lobsters to get to this guy. Seriously, nothing better to do? And who would be to blame when these lobsters show up with a claw broken off because the TSA agent doesn’t know how to properly handle a lobster? Do your job and leave our personal property alone.



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