Mark Halperin unimpressed to be sitting next to dog with bowtie on Delta flight, dog responds with love

NBS’s senior political analyst Mark Halperin recently found himself on a flight next to this very cute dog who was wearing a bowtie.

While most of us would be delighted not to be sitting next to a smelly, elbow power hungry seatmate wearing gross flip flops, Halperin was not.

Senior Political Analyst, @NBCNews & @MSNBC; Co-host of @SHO_TheCircus; more tk.

Apparently the dog is an emotional service dog who was moved to first class. Halperin’s issue was that the dog was moved up but its owner was not.

The dog was friendly. Perhaps it’s owner, sitting back in economy, had an awful nervous time on the flight. Perhaps the knee in the picture is the owner?

So many questions out of a few tweets.

An update late Sunday: The dog, which we now know is name Charlie Pisano, and is a Bernadoodle, has responded.


h/t: Mark Halperin Twitter

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