Masked thugs steal adorable puppy during armed robbery in England

Pet owners have been left “devastated” after four masked men threatened them and dognapped their beloved puppy in the central British city of Coventry.

Coventry Police have now issued an appeal on social media to find the missing 12-week-old pooch.

“Have you seen Mitch?” police tweeted Thursday.

“The 12-week-old Bully breed puppy was stolen during an armed robbery in the Binley area of Coventry.”

Police said four masked robbers threatened the pet owners before taking the dog around 10:45 pm on Oct. 23.

“The owners have been left devastated and we’re hoping the public can help us find their beloved dog,” police said.

Have you seen Mitch? Photo: Coventry Police/Twitter

Investigators released a photo of the tan-coloured puppy and said he has a distinctive white patch on the back of his neck.

Mitch’s abduction comes as the government plans to crackdown on dognappers and make pet theft its own criminal offence.

Pet theft is currently considered personal property, but it doesn’t account for the emotional distress people suffer when their animals are stolen.

Pet thefts have spiked in that country recently.

The initiative came among a swath of recommendations from the Pet Theft Taskforce, which found seven in 10 thefts involved dogs, and counted about 2,000 dog theft crimes last year.

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