Max the cat banned from library after repeated attempts to enter

Under the CATegory (geddit) of animals being banned, we heard earlier this week about Jack, the Husky who’s an outlaw in the state of Maryland.

Likelihood of possums being banned from Florida liquor stores have also gone up significantly because of one drunk bastard who ruined it for everyone. 

Now we learn that Max the cat has been forbidden to go to the Macalester College library in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Max likes the library. Max is nice. But Max is not allowed in.


Of course, the Internet weighed in.

A felt Max was made.

A bookstore announced it would welcome in Max

George Takei voiced his opinion that Max should be let in.


Even readers in Germany have an opinion. (In case you’re wondering, as librarian Alexis Logsdon noted, we now know the word for librarian in German: Mitarbeiterin

Marjorie Jo, an arts student at Macalester who put the whole story in comic form.

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