Mean raccoon in Vancouver goes after puppy

We’re siding with the puppy on this one and against humans.

Raccoon have long been a problem in Vancouver, especially in the downtown core.

And while many residents have encountered mean raccoon, the reality is these raccoon are not mean, they’re just unafraid of humans.

And that makes them willing to encounter them and the dogs that accompany their humans.

One West End resident was actually sent to the hospital after a raccoon jumped on his three-month-old dog Kira.

François Morissette tried to get his dog away but the raccoon had a tight grip on Kira’s leg.

He fell trying to separate the raccoon from his puppy and had to go to the hospital for stitches. Morissette wants more aggressive action taken against raccoon and has asked the city and the province and even his Member of Parliament to take some steps to remove them.

But the city’s policy is for residents to discourage direct contact with critters. Don’t feed them and keep away from them especially around this time of year when they have their babies.



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