Meatless Monday: 50 year old beef jerky company turns to vegan jerky

A three-generation family business which has focused on salami for more than 50 years is moving to vegan jerky.

In a press release, Urbani Foods Inc., based in Port Moody in British Columbia, Canada stated that it was using its years of meat drying technical knowledge and applying it to non-meats.

With over 50 years and 3 generations of family in the salami business, it would seem the future in the meat business was clearly laid out. Instead, being in the meat industry for so long gave the
Urbani family a grim outlook on the sustainable future of animal based agriculture.”
The company has developed NOBLE jerky®. A plant protein based jerky that has the taste, and characteristic tear and bite of slowly marinated and dried beef jerky.
Company CEO Claudio Urbani said sustainable agriculture means providing healthy food to the entire population and the  inefficiencies in raising an animal for food mean that it is not feasible to meet this goal going into the future.
He said the only way to convince the meat eating population and slowly reduce dependency on meat is to provide alternatives that are identical in taste and texture.

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