Meatless Monday: Activist Pamela Anderson becomes a “cage fighter” in Paris

Actor Pamela Anderson, a dedicated animal rights activist, has joined a campaign in Europe to end cage cruelty.

The End the Cage Age campaign put on by Compassion in World Farming is asking animal lovers to sign a petition calling for the end of cages for all farm animals.

If you asked a child to draw a picture of a farm animal, what would you see? Pigs outdoors wallowing in mud? Hens running free? Lots of green fields and bright sunshine?

Sadly, life for millions of farm animals in the UK is far from this idyllic vision. For many it is quite simply a nightmare, in which they are confined to cages for part, or even all, of their lives.

The organization wants every farm animal in the UK to feel the sun on their back and the earth under their feet.

The new laws the organization wants to introduce in the UK will ban cages for all farm animals.

Around 16 million farm animals are trapped in cages every year in the UK.

Anderson  joined Compassion in World Farming in Paris to draw attention to the cause. In France, the organization estimates 85,529,915 farm animals are confined in cages every year.


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