Meatless Monday: Animal rights activist gored by bull he was trying to rescue

Bullfighting is normally associated with Spain, but in areas in southern France, the blood sport is still allowed and wherever there is bullfighting, there are always animal rights activists protesting against the traditional showdown between man and bull.

In late August, one activist was seriously injured after jumping into the arena in Carcassone in southern France. The bull charged and gored at the man.

Two activists, a man and a woman were sitting in the audience and managed to make their way into the ring. The female wasn’t injured, but the male protester received a long but not deep injury from the horns of a bull. He was taken to hospital for examination.

The female protested was arrested.

Two other protesters had earlier hung a banner saying “Stop Bullfighting.”

Throughout most of France, the sport is banned. But it is allowed in some souther regions like the medieval town of Carcassone because it is protected as a local tradition.

Supporters of the sport say its’ cultural importance dates back centuries and want to preserve the history even as the sport wanes in popularity.

A video by aRichest on Youtube shows the moments before and during the attack.


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