Meatless Monday: Animal rights activists hold vigil for 800 dead cows in Manitoba

Holding signs that say all animals matter, activists lined up along a road this weekend to pay their respects to 800 cows burned alive after a fire at the Pennwood Dairy Farm in Steinbach, Manitoba.

The horrific barn fire that killed the cows shouldn’t be shrugged off by the public, according to the activists who gathered at the memorial. They brought flowers and held up signs along the gravel road near the Pennwood Dairy Farm that said “We will not forget” and “Cows are sentient beings whose lives matter.”

We gathered to remember these beautiful animals, to show the world that their lives mattered. Their lives mattered to them. They matter to us.

Barn fires continue to happen all across Manitoba that claim the lives of innocent, enslaved animals, according to the group Manitoba Animal Saves, which organized the vigil. As a society the organization believes that humans have to do better to help each other and the planet.

We are so sorry sweet cows that we could not save you and that you suffered so greatly. We will never stop fighting for your brothers and sisters until every animal is free.

One of the activists wrote a poem, another read out a eulogy at the vigil.

The fire began early Monday morning and engulfed four connected farm buildings at Pennwood Dairy.

It took about 60 firefighters from surrounding municipalities to tame the blaze. Only 200 of the 1,000 animals in the buildings survived.


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