Meatless Monday: Animal rights network Direct Action Everywhere sets sight on Amazon

Animal rights network Direct Action Everywhere, known for its extreme protests such as having a naked woman lie in the meat section at Costco, plans to target monster retailer Amazon for continuing to sell products linked to animal abuse.

DxE, as the network is known, says Amazon continues to sell fur coats, gear for cockfighting and even foie gras online.

DxE organizer Lewis Bernier said states have banned cockfighting and foie gras sales but the retailer continues to sell the products.

“We’re out here today to bring attention to the way Amazon uses and abuses animals, and the ways it is complicit in animal cruelty,” Bernier said.

DxE organizer Kitty Jones added that such Amazon products include cockfighting products and eggs that come from farms that do not treat their animals humanely. Jones said DxE has recently shifted its campaign against Whole Foods Market to focus on Amazon, since Amazon bought Whole Foods Market last year.

The organization says Amazon ships an estimated 1.6 million packages out every single day to their customer base of over 300 million homes. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is the richest man on the planet. Environmental and animal rights groups have repeatedly reached out to this massive company with concerns, but Amazon has consistently ignored them and shown zero accountability.

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