Meatless Monday: Animal rights protester grabs mike from Senator Kamala Harris during campaign speech

An animal rights activist disrupted a forum in San Francisco where Democratic presidential hopeful Kamala Harris was addressing the crowd.

Aidan Cook, with the group Direct Action Everywhere, was removed by security after he went on stage and took the mic during the MoveOn’s Big Ideas Forum in San Francisco.

Harris is a senator from California and former prosecutor.

Cook called on Harris to support ordinary citizens rescuing animals rather than the factory farms that abuse animals, sicken local populations and repress whistleblowing activity. Specifically, six California residents are facing seven felony charges each after exposing factory farm cruelty and attempting to rescue sick and dying chickens.

At the same time, 1000+ marched the streets of SF Saturday afternoon in San Francisco. Several held a “#RightToRescue” banner, delivered chants and speeches, and lit smoke flares.

The activists say the candidates’ continued support of animal agriculture — despite increasing evidence of the public health threats, environmental damage, and animal cruelty in the industry — goes against their stated values. For example, the 2018 Farm Bill, which received near-unanimous Democratic Party support (including democratic presidential hopefuls Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, and Elizabeth Warren), approved over $100 billion in corporate subsidies and rejected activist requests to prevent handouts to millionaires and billionaires.

Direct Action also targeted frontrunner Warren for co-sponsor on the proposed Dairy PRIDE Act, which would prohibit plant-based milk alternatives, such as soy milk or almond milk, from using the word “milk” in their labeling and Sanders for his history of protecting the dairy industry, including advocating for subsidies for corporate farms.


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