Meatless Monday: Dog smiles whenever anyone says Cheese!

A puppy just rescued from a Chicago city pound is winning the Internet and gaining tons of new fans for his smiling skills and his appreciation of cheese.

Five-month-old Herbert ain’t flashing his pearly whites for bacon or meat bones.

No, it’s cheese that’s causing that grin. Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 6.35.49 AM

PAWS Chicago Facebook page posted the video of Herbert that his foster mom Amanda Robies shot.dogsmiles

Herbert sits nicely and smiles with all his teeth when he hears the word Cheese. And the best news of all, he’s up for adoption soon.

The organization is also looking for homes for more than 100 other pets. Adopt a rescue. The smiles are the rewards you get.

Hopefully, a dentist–not that dentist— will adopt Herbert and make him the official dental office mascot.

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