Meatless Monday: How long can you survive on taco sauce after dog, man eat nothing but sauce?

You may have heard the story about how Jeremy Taylor and his dog Ally were found after they got stuck in the snow for five days.

An Oregon Water Resouce SnowCat with one DCSO SAR member responded to the location and made contact with Jeremy and Ally.

Jeremy and Ally were found to be in good condition, but hungry after being stuck in the snow for five days. Luckily they had some taco sauce packets in their car.

We wondered exactly how much nutrition is in those sauce packets that it seems everyone has in their car, along with paper napkins and ketchup from fast food places.

To our surprise, there is actually vitamins in taco sauce.

According to Nutritionix, in a Heinz packet of sauce there is 2% sodium 2% vitamin A and 2% vitamin C. There’s also zero grams of fat and shockingly zero carbs and cholesterol.

Calorie King calculates that one tablespoon of Old El Paso taco sauce has 4% sodium and no vitamin nutritional value.




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