Meatless Monday: Indian animal rights activists allegedly attacked for trying to stop cattle slaughterhouse

Animal rights activists, including a 45-year-old woman software engineer, were allegedly assaulted by a mob  in India this weekend as they tried to take police to an illegal slaughterhouse.

The incident took place Saturday as two women, including a software engineer, were trying to get police to shut down the slaughterhouse where 14 cattle heads were kept.

Activist saw cows being taken to slaughterhouse

Talaghattapura police said they have registered a case based on the complaint lodged by Nandini M of Koramangala, a software engineer.

Nandini claims she and her friend Rijil, 33, were attacked and her Innova car was damaged.

The victims also allege that local police did not respond to their complaints and their calls for help.

The two activists say they were on the outskirts of Bengaluru when they witnessed cows being taken to a slaughterhouse.  They filed a complaint with Talaghattapura police that evening and asked police to take immediate action.

Police led them into trap

However, the victims claimed that the police led them into a trap, where the group of 15 to 200 men attacked them.

“Police took the complaint and told us that 15 policemen were sent to the spot to rescue the cows. We waited for nearly one hour but didn’t receive any message about the rescue operation. We thought the rescue team failed to trace the location and we decided to go to the location and show them the spot,” Nandini explained.

When the victims reached the spot, they did not find a single police personnel. Instead, a mob of over 100 men allegedly started throwing stones at their car, smashing the front and rear windshields.

h/t: Times of India

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