Meatless Monday: Israeli startup promises real meat through growing cells from live animals

As we are about to head into lunch here on the west coast, a thought on this meatless Monday.

Would cultured meat tempt us?

An Israeli food tech company has been crowdfunding to develop bioengineered meat–yes, that’s right, meat that has been cultured from animal cells.

SuperMeat’s tagline is “Real meat, without harming animals.”

The idea is to develop a chicken breast without actually killing the chicken. The meat is grown from a lab and developed from cells taken from a living bird.

It hasn’t happened yet but they are working on creating cultured meat in a replicated environment. Early results show that it tastes exactly the same, according to the company. And best of all, no animals were harmed.

Here’s how the company describes its efforts on its Indiegogo page. They’ve raised $100,000 so far but need $500,000 for a meat-making machine.

We were looking for the best way to end animal suffering, but also be realistic about meat eating habits. Together with Prof. Yaakov Nahmias, an award winning biomedical engineer at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, we’ve been developing a system for producing cultured meat. That means growing REAL meat, non GMO and without antibiotics in machines in supermarkets and communities all over the world.



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  1. Not only will their Meatless Mondays meals reach hundreds of thousands of people nationwide, their use of the campaign to fulfill health and environmental commitments shows other companies large and small that Meatless Monday is a simple way to make a big impact.

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