Meatless Monday: Outraged viewers react to killing of baby croc on Bear Gryllis show Celebrity Island

Viewers of the reality show Celebrity Island have condemned a particularly horrific segment which involved the killing of a baby crocodile.

Two of the residents of the island, actor Ryan Thomas and Olympian & broadcaster Iwan Thomas offered to kill the crocodile. The two killed the croc with a knife before returning to camp.

The reaction from the celebrities on the island were mixed. While some cried, Iwan and Ryan declared their ‘pride’ as they hugged one another.

On Twitter and many watching were rather upset.

“That poor poor crocodile! This is so awful! 🙁 #CelebrityIsland #bye,” one wrote.

Another reacted: “I’m sorry but why the f**k have they just killed a crocodile?!?! Really needed for our entertainment?! Disgusting #CelebrityIsland”

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