Meatless Monday: Photog captures pic of osprey carrying shark with a fish in its mouth

Florida wildlife photographer Doc John thought he captured a good photo of a bird in flight. It turned out to be an extremely rare one.

On closer look after viewing the photos, Doc John saw he had taken a photo of a bird of prey with another predator in its grip, a shark who was about to eat a fish.

The foot long shark shark may have been a nurse shark or blacktip or bonnethead.

Doc John who posted the photo on his Facebook profile called it the best photo he’s ever taken for its content, not its quality.

i saw an osprey with a fish. When i looked on my computer i saw the fishs tail was that of a shark. then zooming and cleaning up the photo noticed THE SHARK IS EATING A FISH!! !!! 🙂 these are NOT photoshopped 🙂

To see more of Doc Jon’s work, visit his Facebook profile.

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