Meatless Monday: What a bear will do (destroy) to get to food in your car

A good reminder from West Vancouver Police.

Leave any food in your car overnight and it’s likely to attract a bear.

The BP the police are talking about is a tony area in West Vancouver where houses are worth millions of dollars. Over the last couple of years, the area has seen increased bears roaming around.

“It’s something that I’ve seen in the last couple years especially in the British Properties where the bears are so active,” said Cpl. Trevor Griffiths about the photo of a car that appears to have been ripped apart.

Griffiths said the damage was reported by a resident near Taylor Way and the Trans Canada Highway around 10:30 a.m. PT on Sunday, according to CBC Vancouver. 

Originally the vehicle’s owner told police they thought someone had broken into their car, but upon inspection, officers realized the culprit had been a bear.

One window was smashed, the leather seats were torn apart and even the side air bags were ripped.

“It’s probably about $10,000 worth in damage,” said Griffith who added that food had been left behind in the car.

h/t: CBC Vancouver, West Vancouver Police Twitter 

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