Meet Connor McDavid’s dog, Lenard. Oh, and tour his “cozy modern” Edmonton home

Hockey fans might be fawning over Connor McDavid’s Edmonton estate, but can we talk about the NHL superstar’s dog?

Architectural Digest recently took fans on a detailed tour, including photos and video, of the Edmonton Oilers captain’s custom-built home. McDavid and his girlfriend, Lauren Kyle, who designed the home, share the airy space with their beloved Bernedoodle, Lenard.

“This is the king of the house, Lenard,” Kyle says, as she gives the pooch a couple of pats.

“We got him a couple of years ago. He’s just a little over two,” McDavid adds. “He definitely runs the house.”

Lenard really is the king of the castle. Photo: Architectural Digest/Twitter

The magazine described the home as “cozy modern.”

Modern monochromatic it is.

Lenard makes himself at home in the “cozy” lounge space, according to the couple. Photo: Architectural Digest/Twitter

But if cozy is taken to imply small, it is not.

But the magazine is right about one thing: Lenard really does match the home decor.

While some fans are quick to critique the home perched along Edmonton’s River Valley, let’s focus on Lenard, who, by the way, has an Instagram account.

Lenard is actually a miniature Bernedoodle, and was born at SwissRidge Kennels in Ontario.

The dog spends a lot of time on the patio, where the McDavid likes to unwind after a game in the hot tub or just outside at the dog park, which is in view.

“He sits up here and guards us while we sit in the hot tub with all the people walking by,” McDavid explains.

It really is a dog’s life.

Guard dog Lenard is on duty. Photo: Architectural Digest/Twitter

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