Meet Sweets: The badass English Bulldog who rides a hog

If you haven’t stumbled across Sweets, may we introduce you to the English Bulldog with a passion for the open road. Sweets the English Bulldog has a Facebook page, an Instagram account and a growing YouTube following. She lives in Florida with her owner Christine Sutton, who documents their adventures on two wheels. They are also featured in Petco commercials aboard a motorbike.

In the latest video, which is approaching 1.5 million views since it was posted last week, Sweets watches a biker wave and, as Sutton enthusiastically puts it, “she waves back ALL ON HER OWN!!!”

Christine Sutton has posted the most amazing collection of videos of Sweets.

This is Sweets on her first motorcycle ride, age 10-weeks.

This is Sweets with a new pair of Doggles. You know, goggles for dogs.

Here is Sweets perfecting the art of waving to a passing biker.

Oh, and prepare for more adventures. Sweets just got a new sibling. Meet Charlee.


Photo Christine Sutton/YouTube

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