Meet the largest alligator ever captured alive in Texas

By all measures, this is one monster alligator.

At 13-feet 8-inches, it is in fact the largest gator ever caught alive in Texas.

The gator was scooped out of  Champion Lake at Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge last week.

It had become habituated to humans and would approach people on the shoreline, creating a dangerous situation.

“We were aware of the problem but did not feel the need to do anything about it until it became a little too ‘friendly.’ We were receiving comments and video of alligators approaching the shoreline when people walked up to crab, fish, or take photos. While the animal had not aggressively attacked anyone yet, it was considered a little too close for comfort. People may not even have been aware of what was in the water lurking, waiting for a free meal,” Stuart Marcus, manager of the refuge said in a statement.


Refuge staff contacted Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to help move it to Gator Country, an alligator education facility dedicated to rescuing alligators near Beaumont, TX.

A large piece of chicken was used to fool the gator, which nearly came onshore to eat it.

It then took four handlers to get this giant totally onshore and tied up.

Officials also warned fisherman not to leave bait around, as it can become an attractant for gators.


The alligator, Big Tex, will live out the rest of his days in Gator Country.

Photos Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge/Facebook

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