Melissa McCarthy saves the whales and rhinos in Super Bowl ad

Not only did Melissa McCarthy do a killer Sean Spicer impression on SNL this last weekend, she also was the star of the awesome Super Bowl ad in which she tried to save whales and rhinos.

The Kia ad which ran during the Super Bowl featured McCarthy being called upon to save whales, trees, ice caps and even rhinos.

As McCarthy is driving her KIA, her phone rings with someone on the other end of the line telling her she’s needed to be a hero. The first one has McCarthy on a zodiac zooming around to help save whales when a whale appears and tosses her on to the side of a tanker.

When she’s asked to help rhinos, a game McCarthy ends up having to flee from them. The ad is to promote Kia’s Niro 40mpg engine which the car manufacturer calls “the most fuel-efficient crossover.”

It ends with a voiceover that says:

It’s hard to be an eco-warrior, but it’s easy to drive like one.”

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