Memorial grows for Iggy, the Stockholm rescue dog killed in terrorist attack

Among the victims in the Stockholm attack last Friday was a dog name Iggy.

Iggy, a rescue dog from Dublin, was with his owners when a truck mowed down a number of people in a terrorist attack. Four people were killed. Iggy was also fatally injured.

The rescue organization Dogs Aid posted a tribute

The memorial started with a simple collar and four treats laid on the ground by Stockholm resident Markus Krantz, himself the owner of four rescue dogs from Romania.

Was on the high street tonight. Saw that no one put a flower or lit a candle in the place where the poor dog was killed during Friday’s attack.

So we gave it our own little memorial. The necklace belonged to my own first dog, Ebba, who passed away this summer.

Rest in peace little friend ❤️

h/t: Facebook Markus Krantz, Facebook Emma Cunningham

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