Men who fed live cat to starved dogs ordered to clean Dubai zoo by Sheikh ruler

We here at Critterfiles have seen some pretty gruesome things humans do to critters.

There was the recent story of the dog who had his ears and nose cut off and the cruel tossing of kittens from a moving train. 

But even we were shocked to see the video that has emerged on social media showing three men feeding a live cat to a dog who had been deliberately starved and trained to attack.

In the video, a white cat is in a cage and one of the men is heard saying, “this cat ate chickens and pigeons.” Then a voice urges the dog to drag the cat out of the cage. The cat could be seen trying to escape bfore going limp.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, ordered two men who were arrested after the video emerged on social media to do community service under new anti-cruelty laws.

The men were the first offenders ordered to do community service under the new regulations.

Dubai Police said they arrested the pair “in a farm found in one of the emirates”.

Maj Gen Al Mansouri praised the efforts of Dubai investigators for following up on the crime, even though it happened in another emirate. It is believed the incident happened in either Sharjah or Al Ain, according to The National. 

 “Such cruel behaviour contradicts our morals and religion. It is inhuman and does not represent the nature of our nationals and residents,” he said.

Dubai Police has asked the public not to sharing violent videos online and instead report them to the authorities.

However, there are mixed views among animal welfare campaigners, some of whom see posting these videos as a good way to ensure action is taken.

Pooja Prakash, who founded a Sharjah pet-fostering service, said:

Social media is positive in the way it highlights these cases are happening but only when they are followed up on and prosecuted.

This incident needs to be brought to light and justice done.

We have seen other cases, like the teenager throwing a cat against the wall.

The video is clear and shows the dog knew what to do to kill the cat, almost like it had been trained to do so. That suggests it has happened before, and will probably happen again.

It is a result of people abandoning their cats on the street, who are then vulnerable to these sadistic people.”

Dr Susan Aylott, a volunteer at Animal Welfare Abu Dhabi, has established a field clinic on Lulu Island to sterilise stray cats there to help reduce the numbers vulnerable to similar attacks.

“People are unsure about whether to repost these videos on social media in the hope police will take action, or not to do so due to concerns over the law,” she said.

Dr Aylott was also concerned about the number of incidents of animal cruelty.

We have had several recent incidents like this, including that of a dog whose hind legs were tied and then skinned alive. The abuse has not stopped.

It is hard to know if it is becoming more common, or people are reporting it more.”

Last year President Sheikh Khalifa issued Federal Law No 18 for 2016 to tackle cases of animal cruelty. Anyone in violation faces a one-year jail term and/or a fine not exceeding Dh200,000.

h/t: Facebook Animal Welfare AD, The National


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