Mexican rescue dog Frida celebrated on football pitch for earthquake heroism

Frida is a true Mexican hero.

At a recent World Cup qualifying match featuring Mexico versus Trinidad and Tobago, Frida was the clear MVP.

Frida is a rescue dog who searched and rescued earthquake victims last month.

She had help, of course.

And the Mexican team celebrated first responders before the game.

That included a moment of silence for the at least 369 people killed during the quakes.

But Frida is a total pro.

She has pulled 52 people from natural disasters.

Rescue workers and emergency officials marched with Frida when she walked onto the pitch.

Fans chanted “olé, olé, olé, olé, Frida, Frida.”

Because, of course.

And, as an added bonus Mexico beat Trinidad and Tobago.

But Frida was the real star of the game.

Main photo Match Day/YouTube

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