Miami cops find kitten hiding in grille of police car

You can count on the Miami-Dade Police Department to crack all kinds of curious cases.

“Let’s start the week with some interesting news,” the police service posted on its Facebook page. “Cat in the grille of an MDPD unmarked! MDPD is on the case👮”

At first, the wee little kitty looked like a cat burglar locked behind bars.

Just how the frisky feline found itself lodged in a precarious place?

“We really have no idea!” police told their followers as it updated developments in real-time.

The cops called in the pros – their auto technician – to get to the bottom of it.


Here’s the blow-by-blow rescue.

Once safely removed, the black cat, dubbed “Pikachu” after the Pokemon Go craze, got cozy at police headquarters before Officer Delgado brought her to Miami-Dade Animal Services.


“Thanks to Miami-Dade Animal Services for examining and taking great care of Pikachu!” police posted.


Oh, and if you’re interested in adopting Pikachu, contact the Pet Adoption & Protection Center. Her ID number is A1806815.

Photos Miami-Dade Police Department/Facebook

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