Military dog killed in U.S. raid on IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

In a rambling Sunday morning press conference, U.S. President Donald Trump confirmed that American special forces killed ISIS founder Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and the only casualty on the U.S. side was a military dog.

Trump called the mission accomplished in a “grand style” and gave a descriptive account of the several-hour long military raid that led to al-Baghadadi’s death.

The ISIS founder killed himself with an explosive vest he was wearing. Three children who were with him are also dead.

No U.S. personnel were killed during the operation except a military dog.

“A ‘canine’ as they call it. I call it a dog. A beautiful dog, a talented dog was injured and brought back,” Trump said.

It was unclear whether the dog was injured and killed and the dog’s body was being returned to the U.S. or if the president meant the dog was injured and not killed.

Trump also described, in lurid details, how he watched the raid and described the IS’s founder’s death as “in total panic and dread.”

Then Trump said :

He died like a dog.”

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