“Miracle dog” of Biloxi rescued after 60-foot fall over highway bridge into bay

A Mississippi highway crash along a bridge resulted in a bizarre rescue mission after a dog plunged 50 to 60 feet into Biloxi’s Back Bay Friday afternoon.

The dog had been riding in a Nissan Altima, when it distracted the driver – its owner – in a potentially deadly way.

“The dog jumped from the back seat to the front seat and under the driver’s feet, causing the car to crash,” police Sgt. Frank McKeny told the Sun Herald.

The vehicle began spinning out of control along the I-110, hitting a wall before finally coming to a stop. While officers were trying to help the driver, the dog jumped out the window and over a retaining wall into the bay.

It took just 10 minutes for officers with the Department of Marine Resources in Mississippi to scoop up the waterlogged pooch, which was returned to its owner.

“We were happy to assist in this rescue and grateful that the person in the car and the dog were not injured,” Marine Patrol Chief Keith Davis told WLOX TV.

The department also posted this note about the happy ending on its Facebook page:

“We love our Marine Patrol officers! They rescued a pup that fell over the I-110 bridge after a car accident that happened at noon. The dog, a Doberman, Pit Bull mix, is fine!”

July 1 dog water rescue by the Department of Marine Resources in Mississippi/Facebook.

And this City of Biloxi posted this:

“It’s the miracle dog on The Back Bay of Biloxi: Officer Michael Fitts with DMR Marine Patrol rescues the part Doberman-part Pitbull after the canine jumped from a car involved in an accident on the I-110 high-rise. The young dog fell six stories to the water below six stories below. Biloxi police notified the DMR, and the dog was rescued after no more than 10 minutes in the water.”


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