Monkey on the lam keeps South Simcoe Police hopping

A mischievous monkey had police on the run small-town Ontario over the weekend.

The unusual manhunt began early Sunday morning in Innisfil, north of Toronto, when South Simcoe Police received a call about a primate on the loose.

Officers arrived in Alcona, just to the south, to find a monkey on a  rooftop. They tried bribing the wee thing with bananas, but the critter preferred its view from up high swinging from roof to roof.

But the monkey, which police believed to be named Princess, seemed to be enjoying her freedom.

Finally, police nabbed they rogue monkey around 10:45 a.m., more than four hours after first being reported on the run. The folks with Bear Creek Animal Sanctuary also pitched in.

The owner also showed up and identified the monkey as Mango. The owner, in turn, will be investigated for potential bylaw infractions for owning an exotic pet.

Photos South Simcoe Police/Twitter

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