Moose checks into Alaska hospital to check out foliage in the lobby

Who says hospital food is no good?

Not this moose, which sauntered into an Anchorage, Alaska hospital recently to feast on a buffet seemingly fit for a wild animal.

“The Providence Health Park had an extra-special visitor today, as a moose decided to come inside and check out the plants in the lobby,” Providence Alaska said in a Facebook post April 6.

Delicious indoor plants. Photo: Providence Alaska/Facebook

The moose on the loose stopped to graze when security stepped in.

Officials slowly — and carefully — helped guide the young moose out the door.

A young moose grazes on plants in an Anchorage hospital. Photo: Providence Alaska/Facebook

They walked behind the moose to encourage it to leave.

They also used a loveseat and a chair to block the moose from retreating back inside the hospital. While others held up their arms to guide it toward the door.

The entire episode was caught on video. Everyone present cheered when the wayward animal wandered outside.

“We are sharing the amazing work of our Security Department for anyone who might be wondering, ‘How exactly do you get a moose out of a building?’ With a lot of encouragement and from a safe distance, of course,” the hospital explained in its social media post.

Randy Hughes, the hospital’s director of security, told the Associated Press he believed it was the same moose that had been hanging around campus.

And, it wasn’t the first time a moose walked into one of the buildings at the hospital complex. Bears have also tried to get in, he said.

“Never a dull moment here at the hospital,” Hughes added.

Alaska problems, indeed.

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