Moose, elk falling through window wells and into basements in Idaho

You know that houseguest whom you never invited and just won’t leave?

Well, a family in Hailey, Idaho just had one such unwanted wake up call. An elk smashed through a window well the family’s basement and wound up in their guest room. This is what Idaho conservation officers posted about the Feb. 2  bizarre incident:

“I wished we were making this up folks…. but just minutes ago, another elk was confronted by our Conservation Officers for breaking and entering. This elk crashed through a window well in a basement in Hailey. Officer Lee Garwood was able to negotiate with the elk by smacking it on the rump with a hockey stick he found in the basement, convincing it to vacate. I suppose we should say it…. if you live in the Wood River Valley, cover your window wells or you could end up with an unexpected intruder.”

This elk wound up in a family’s basement in Hailey, Idaho. Idaho Fish and Game Magic Valley/Facebook

Wildlife must have a thing for rec rooms. Because according to East Idaho News, a moose wandered into another basement in the community just 96 hours earlier.

The female moose tumbled into 3-foot deep window well and entered the home on Jan. 29, according to local police. The Blaine County Sheriff’s Office posted this on Facebook:

“Blaine County Believe It or Not: This moose fell through a basement window well and made a surprise visit to a Hailey, Idaho home tonight. Officers from the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office, Hailey Police Dept, Bellevue Marshals Office, and Idaho Fish and Game responded. Deep snows have brought wildlife into town and close to homes looking for food.”

Moose fell through window well and into basement of a home in Hailey, Idaho. Blaine County Sheriff/Facebook

Indeed, deep snow and extreme cold is adding to a stressful winter for wildlife. Fish and Game have started setting up feeding stations for animals, which are now in “survival mode,” and police have warned the public to stay away or face hefty fines.

“We realize that these are very popular areas for recreation, but we are asking the public’s assistance and cooperation for the sake of the animals. If you encounter wildlife, please be respectful, turn around and go elsewhere,” said Sheriff Steve Harkins said in a statement. “It is very important to keep your dogs on leash. Unfortunately, even well trained dogs find chasing wildlife hard to resist.”

Idaho Fish and Game Magic Valley

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