Moose gives birth to twins in Alaska; a camera captures the amazing event

This is incredible.  A moose gives birth to twins. A woman in Anchorage, Alaska took a video of the event, and posted it to her Facebook page on May 17.

“Warning,” wrote Victoria Rose Hickey. “Kind of gross but mostly adorable and awesome..Mama Moose giving birth behind my house!”

A witness is heard on the video saying that the moose has given birth to her calves in this yard every year for the past six years. Moose twins is a noted phenomenon in Alaska and is an indicator of the health of the species, according to experts. The amazing video showing the births, the mother moose cleaning her babies and their first wobbly steps, has been shared more than 115,000 times. And now, it’s on YouTube with the fitting comment,”Only in Alaska.”


Photo/video Victoria Rose Hickey/Facebook

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