Motherly Love: Watch a momma bear piggyback her cubs across a lake

David Roseman took an incredible video of a mother bear carrying her cubs across the water.

It caught the attention of the David Suzuki Foundation. The Vancouver-based conservation group posted the video on Facebook and Instagram, where tens of thousands of people have now marvelled at the bear necessities.

“Have you seen this amazing video of a mama bear’s heroic effort to get her cubs across a lake? 💪🐻” the foundation posted

Positively mesmerizing.

And, completely coincidental.

This was no case of wildlife paparazzi bugging the bruins, which some viewers wondered.

“Bears often cross rivers and streams this way to protect their cubs. The photographer here is using a zoom lens so was probably not so close,” the foundation noted.

Mother bear safely carries her cubs across a lake. David Suzuki Foundation/Facebook

And the foundation offered a further update.

It was a parks employee who captured the video while crossing the river at the same time.

So, here are bears just being bears.

Check out this amazing video of a bear making the heroic effort to transport its cubs across a river. 💪🐻

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Photos David Roseman/David Suzuki Foundation/Facebook

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