Mounties get their goslings amid forest fire evacuation in northern Alberta

Forest fires tearing through northern Alberta have evacuated entire communities.

The Chuckegg Creek fire, now more than 10,000-square kilometres in size, is threatening homes and businesses around the town of High Level, and is considered extremely dangerous. Emergency crews are trying to beat down the massive blaze and are keeping up patrols while residents are out of their homes.

That’s how RCMP came upon some lost waterfowl.

“Cpl. Harvey found a gaggle of goslings with no mama in sight,” Mounties posted Friday on Facebook Friday.

Police contacted Alberta Fish and Wildlife Enforcement for advice.

Then, local animal control “took custody of the wayward baby geese,” according to police.

“A foster mama goose was found and will hopefully adopt them,” Mounties explained.

It’s a spark of joy in a grim situation now shared by hundreds of people on social media.

And, Erica Deveaux posted on Facebook, “Thank you all for all the hard work you are doing, glad to see you all are still smiling and finding ways to make a difference to everyone, even the baby geese. ❤”

While Kim McNeil Price wrote, “My heart is warmed by the invaluable compassion you guys are showing to our town.❤️”


Photo RCMP/Facebook

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