Muntjac deer survives after getting hit by car and stuck in grille

A little Muntjac deer was struck by a car and got stuck for two hours inside the front grille.

A driver hit the deer as she drove through Potters Bar in Herfordshire England.

It wasn’t until two miles later when she pulled into a service station to check what had happened that she found the animal stuck in the front of her Peugeot. 

Poor thing.
When she contacted the Royal Society for the Protection of Cruelty against Animals, a rescue crew came along with the fire brigade.
They dismantled the front of the car and the deer leapt out and ran away.
Takes a licking but keeps on ticking, we say. An RSPCA spokesman said in an article in the Daily Mail, the driver wasn’t expecting to see the deer.

When she got out of the car she got quite a shock to see the deer in the car grille. She said she was amazed it had survived.’

RSPCA animal collections officer Grace Mead added:

We couldn’t quite believe it. We get a lot of these calls at this time of year, and when the deer is as caught as this there are normally broken bones and serious – often fatal – injuries. But this resilient chap just hopped out and was away back into the nearby woodland at the speed of light. It was wonderful to see.

The RSPCA says it’s a good idea for drivers to slow down in spring and autumn particularly around dawn and dusk when deers are most active.

There are about 74,000 deer-vehicle collisions every year in the UK.

h/t: Daily Mail 

Photo credit: RSPC/SWNS



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