#Muttbombing uses celeb selfies to help dogs

Now these are celebrity selfies we love to see.

How can Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrurs improve their selfies? Put a shelter dog in the pic with them. kimkardashian

It all started with Ethan, the mutt, who #muttbombed Jimmy Fallon after the Tonight Show host posted a selfie of his newly pierced ear (pierced by Harrison Ford).

Ethan with Dallas Pets Alive is one of the dogs needing to find a permanent home. Other celebs who have been #muttbombed include Ryan Gosling and Ellen. Using #muttbombing, Dallas Pets Alive has increased its web traffic by 700 per cent. oscarsmuttbombing

The celeb ones are great but we love the ones that use pictures from Instagram. Our favourite?  Lunchbox and his nose in a hamburger. lunchbox

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