Naked man bites police dog, police dog politely doesn’t bite back

In journalism, we tell our students that the ordinary isn’t newsworthy and we always use the example of dog bites man vs man bites dog.

While it’s not unusual to get bitten by a dog, it is highly unusual for the reverse to happen.

And when the dog biter is naked, the news value goes up. Let’s face it: it’s not every day a naked man bites a dog.

That’s why police dog Jagger from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan recently became a bit of a celebrity.

A local man led police and Jagger on a bit of a chase.

The man was spotted in the neighbourhood of Little Red Park early in the morning after police were called out following a family dispute last week.

The man fled the area in a car and was spotted again a second time driving into the lane of oncoming traffic.  During the police pursuit, the vehicle went into the ditch and the driver then got out of the car and fled on foot.

Did we mention, he was naked at the time?

Jagger went after the nude fugitive but was attacked by the man who bit the canine. Jagger managed to hold on to the suspect

Both dog and man were treated for injuries. The suspect was later charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, failing to stop for police and resisting arrest. And yep, cruelty to animals.

The suspect, a 20-year-old man, appeared in court Sept 9th.

You may remember Quanto, a police dog who was stabbed to death while helping his owner catch a suspect in Edmonton a year ago.

The federal government has said it is working to introduce a bill that would result in tougher penalties for those who harm police dogs or other service animals.

Quanto’s Law would create a new offence under the Criminal Code that would specifically prohibit injuring or killing animals being used by officers or the Canadian armed forces.

h/t: CBC 

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  1. I kindly ask you tell the truth about the story it did not happen the way it seems actually the dog bit me first I was simply biting back because the police did not get the dog off me soon enough it was fight or flight I tried to flight but dogs are to fast I had to get 20 staples and 14 stitches in my arm because the police did not get the dog off me when I finally went down to the ground I now suffer from severe nerve damage that will never fully heal so I would like if you got the title correct because the dog tore my arm to shit

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