Name the Rat: Contest to name stuffed rodent has Bonnyville buzzing

UPDATE: April 30

Ratty McRatface. Because. Of course.


Alberta has been rat-free for decades.

Ridding the prairie province of the pests continues to be the focus of the government-run rat patrol, which indeed, patrols the boundaries with other provinces and states to ensure the scourge doesn’t scamper over the borders to destroy crops and property.

Now, the Municipal District of Bonnyville is holding a contest to name a stuffed Norway rat, which is part of the northern Alberta town’s “pest control education toolbox.”

“This rat will be used to educate M.D. residents about the pests,” according to the contest.

Names suggested so far on the community’s Facebook page include: Ratty mcratface, (an ode to Boaty McBoatface, no doubt) Sir Ratius Radic, Scarface, Bonny or Clyde (either works in Bonnyville with a tip of the hat to the movie characters), Whiskers McFurrington, Willy, Splinter and Templeton (from Charlotte’s Web).

The contest runs until March 20, and then those submissions can be “liked” until April 21. The entry with the most “likes” will win. Oh, and you must be a resident of the region to enter.

You can find the complete name the rat contest rules here.

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