New parrot cafe serves up coffee and adoptable feathered friends

Forget cats in pubs and owls in coffee shops. The Perch bills itself as the first parrot cafe in the United States – and it’s serving up more than fresh drinks and cute critters.

This pet store meets coffee house in Colorado Springs offers only adoptable rescue birds. The shop is affiliated with Metro Denver Parrot Rescue, which has found homes for more than 250 birds since 2014.

The Perch opened with much fanfare a few weeks ago.

“The Perch is set on proving that it’s more than just another petting zoo with coffee,” the National Audubon Society noted. “It’s not only a social space, but also a learning zone, where pet owners and novices alike can study up on the plight of captive parrots.”


The cafe’s mission:

“Even as a for-profit business, we have a hard time justifying the sale of parrots when so many homeless birds — birds that are every bit as wonderful as those sold for profit in pet stores — are so badly in need of second chances.

Additionally, retail stores have been known to make very poor — and sometimes fatal — animal welfare decisions when pets are treated as inventory, merchandise that needs to be converted to profits rather than as living, breathing creatures that deserve love and care….

For these reasons, The Perch will never engage in the sale of animals, nor will we accept any commissions or fees whatsoever from the birds that Metro Denver Parrot Rescue adopts in our store.”


Heck, you might even finding a particularly chatty table mate. Just try to ignore it if they are repeating themselves.

And no, birds are not actually on the menu.

h/t Audubon Society Photos The Perch/Facebook

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