Not-so-quick fox hit by car now on the mend with a little TLC

The is one particularly lucky little fox. Hit by a car, and presumably left for dead, the folks at Woodhaven Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Chadwicks, New York, scooped up the little fella and realized expert care was needed.

The fox was delivered to Burrstone Animal Hospital Wednesday in nearby New Hartford where Dr. Ellen Hilton patched it up.

“It was hit by a car and suffered a broken front leg, and a wound on the hind leg,” the veterinary clinic posted on Facebook. “Dr. Hilton was able to splint the leg, and once healed, is optimistic the fox will be released back into the wild.”

The photos of the fox in recovery also offer a rare look at at a normally fleet-footed critter.


Photos Burrstone Animal Hospital/Facebook

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