Match made in Nyack. Nuns adopt elderly pitbull

Remi, the pit bull, has spent months in a shelter in New York but the nine-year-old dog got a holy reprieve when three nuns adopted her.

The nuns, from Sisters of Our Lady of Christine Doctrine wanted to provide a home to a dog that nobody wanted.

Elderly Remi had been waiting for months for divine intervention and she got it. Sister Veronica Mendes said they purposely wanted a dog that would have been euthanized.

She’s a senior, we’re seniors. she’s a gentle dog, friendly.

The nuns had another dog for the last seven or eight years and the dog died recently. They decided to find another dog to bring into their home.

It was hard to get a successor, but we got a good one. Whatever time she has left, she will have good years.

And sorry to do this but that act of humanity deserves a big Amen!

h/t: Hi Tor Animal Care Centre Inc. 

Photo credit: Pauline Jarney

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