Oceanography guide designed to help kids navigate the sea as they watch TV

AT&T Inc.’s DirecTV is trying to prove it’s more than a just a U.S. giant in satellite television.

It previously aligned with the non-profit Common Sense Media, which is dedicated to improving the impact of media and entertainment on kids and families, to find age-appropriate programming.

Now, it’s created a pretty cool guide to help children learn about the wonderful world underwater.

Everything from sharks to sea turtles to coral is covered in its new ocean facts and activities resource. Relying on expert sources ranging from museums to government scientists and conservation groups, DirecTV has also designed printable games, pages to color and crafts.

“To complement many of the current marine life TV shows and movies, my team created a kid’s oceanography guide complete with various activities to promote education of the subject,” says content manager Mary Kate Outland.

It may come in handy while watching everything from Finding Nemo to Earth or Mission Critical.

It’s great for parents when bright little minds start asking all the things you can’t quite remember the answer to:

“Why is the ocean blue?”

“How long is the Great Barrier Reef?”

“What a shark’s biggest predator?”

So, while you’re being a couch potato, don’t worry, your brain will really be exercising.

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