Office workers conjure creative way to contact high-rise cat

They say in big cities like Toronto you never get to know your neighbours.

But Erika Strong really went out on a ledge to get to know hers.

“Every day I stare out the window @shopify at a cat in someone’s apartment,” the Toronto woman wrote on Twitter yesterday morning.

So, she and colleague Alison Fleming stuck Post-it Notes to their office windows to find out the fluffy cat’s name.

This is one way to use sticky notes. Erika Strong/Twitter

Finally, after weeks of waiting, they got a response.

The post has been retweeted more than 30,000 times and liked by, well, basically everyone.

Now, they are asking for followup questions for the Twitter-famous cat.

To be continued, no doubt.

Meantime, let’s just assume this is Marshall Meowthers.

Photos Erika Strong/Twitter

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