Officer saves baby ducks by playing mama duck sounds on her phone

A California animal control officer was able to rescue nearly a dozen baby ducks that had fallen into a storm drain by using her phone.

Hayward Animal Control Officer Susan Perez was called to Chabot College campus after witnesses noticed the ducks fall into the drain.

The mama duck saw them fall in and began quacking loudly.

Passerbys tried to help. Chabot College Maintenance and Operations staff came to remove the grate.

But it caused the baby ducks to scatter deeper into the pipes.

When Officer Perez showed up, she knew exactly what to do.

She has rescued a variety of animals that have fallen into storm drains. One by one, Officer Perez plucked out the ducklings and reunited them with the mama duck.

The baby ducklings came to her without hesitation because Officer Perez used her secret weapon: her mobile phone.

She played mama duck sounds from her speaker to draw them closer to her.

The real mama duck was happy.

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