Oh, Canada: Mountie dressed in red serge shoos bear out of town

File this one under Canada.

A Mountie is in hot pursuit of a bear in a Rocky Mountain park. And, tourist Damian Gillis caught it all on camera.

Decked out in red serge for the busy summer season, Sergeant Clayton Wilbern stood on guard as a black bear cub strutted its stuff for thrilled onlookers.

The adorable little cub clamoured up and down trees.

And sprinted across meadows.

Visitors to Waterton Lakes National Park in the southwest corner of Alberta were dazzled by the episode on Tuesday during this, Canada’s 150th birthday year.

“Caught this video of an RCMP in red serge chasing a black bear out of the Waterton Lakes National Park townsite,” Gillis posted on YouTube this week. “Nothing more Canadian than an RCMP office in red serge and a black bear. Truly Canadian image to celebrate Canada 150.”

Mounties, of course, don’t always get their man. Sometimes they just safely chase a little fella outta Dodge.

O Canada, indeed.

Photos DamianG/YouTube

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